Who should I turn to: a psychologist or a friend? Perhaps you should just visit the forum, read an article or book with "golden tips"?
When complex, dramatic or tragic events occur or have already occurred in life: divorce or breakup of relations, death of a loved one, sudden serious illness, adultery or betrayal, it is very important not to withdraw into oneself, not to "freeze" in your worries.

A professional psychologist will help to cope with emotional experiences, to live the situation without freezing in it, to adapt to new conditions. It is very difficult to be able to eliminate the negative impact of loss on life, but it is simply necessary to do this, because life goes on, and there is no such law according to which it should be painful.

Of course, you can contact your girlfriends, friends, visit the forum where people with similar problems gather, you can buy a book in which "100 golden rules like ..." are written. But! It should be remembered that in any situation objective reality is important, which is completely individual each time. And if one thing helped your friend (friend), it does not mean at all that this recipe is suitable for you. Indeed, to tell the world that there is a problem is to solve already 50% of it! Therefore, communicate, read, discuss, but remember that you are the only one in this world and your situation is unique. This means that there are no universal "pills" on how to make you happy! The advantage of consulting a psychologist is objectivity, honesty and an outside perspective (different opinion). This is what allows you to find a unique approach that is right for you!

How is the work with a psychologist going?
It should be understood that the help of psychologists is not magic , involving unknown forces, but joint work with a specialist and quite feasible for interested people. The quality of your life can be changed only by changing your understanding of what is happening, applying your own diligence to this matter.

The process of working on a problem includes a detailed joint analysis of a given situation in different "sections", analysis of behavior, value and motivational foundations, logic, identification of fears, dependencies, so-called "blind spots" (that is, areas that a person usually does not notice ), mental automatisms, as well as stereotypes of behavior.

During work, the psychologist can give quite important feedback, like a mirror in which we look in order to obtain information about ourselves. After all, in front of the mirror, we are not too lazy to turn around, approach, move away to get complete information. As a specialist, a psychologist is interested in giving the client as much information and useful skills as possible, therefore, one must tune in to active work and active participation.

Trust in a psychologist is considered an important component of successful work .

Your professional experience shouldn't give you any doubts. You may well ask questions of the psychologist about his education, work experience, specialization. Although, there is another truth - neither a document nor a certificate can give you guarantees. Therefore, listen to yourself: how comfortable is it for you to be with the psychologist in the same space. If there is something that confuses you - share it with a specialist. This can be one of the most important moments in your meeting. Indeed, very often the method that we use to build relationships in the world, we also use with a psychologist. Therefore, by clarifying this, you can truly meet and start fruitful work!

If you have any doubts about which specialist to contact, please contact us and we will help you choose the specialist that you need!
When is emergency psychological help needed?
In the case when a person is seized by strong emotional experiences that overwhelm him and interfere with sound thinking, while clarity of mind, clear, timely decisions and the presence of strength for full participation in the events are urgently needed. It should be remembered that any very intense emotion can interfere with making the right decision. Excessive joy, euphoria lead to no less irreparable mistakes than resentment, rage, annoyance, fear, jealousy or irritation.

The most common situations that are accompanied by violent emotions are known to many. These are family quarrels, conflicts in professional teams, litigation, divorce proceedings, etc. In all such situations, a person needs the highest legal capacity, since the risk of breaking, losing and destroying is too great ...

The experience of counseling in extreme situations shows that a person who enlisted the help of a psychologist often manages to save what he probably would have lost if he had done actions that he was going to do under the pressure of emotions before the consultation. The specialists of the Psychological Center Easy Life possess techniques that are effective for working in crisis situations when there is a need for a "quick effect". But you need to understand that the quick effect is "quick" - it takes time to consolidate the result.

How many consultations do I need to go through?
This is the question we get asked most often. Let's say right away that there is no exact number of consultations that we can tell you. Sometimes 3-5 appointments are needed, sometimes much longer-term therapy. There are cases when the relationship between the therapist and the client lasts more than several years. Usually, already at the first two meetings in the process of work, it becomes clear how many meetings will be required in the future.

Of course, the client always has the right to refuse and resort to more urgent methods that can adapt him to the problem, help him cope with it, but personal changes cannot happen so quickly. Very often, the client, having formulated his request at the first meeting with a psychologist, modifies or completely changes in the process. This usually happens when passionate about teamwork, the client is increasingly immersed in the analysis of his own experiences and life situations. Psychotherapy is not a treatment in its purest form, but a mutual work on the result, the responsibility for which is borne by the psychotherapist and the client together.
Who needs a psychologist's advice?
  • First of all, there are people interested in improving the quality of their life with the help of a more competent and conscious use of their inner resources.
  • People who want their loved ones and themselves not to feel bad as a result of their actions.
  • People are active and really honest in relation to themselves, namely, ready to admit that they do not know something about themselves yet. Although they do not just do not know, they are strongly interested in learning new things and applying new information in practice.
  • People who face difficulties in interacting with the world around them and recognize the fact that the world, of course, sometimes is not fair, but perhaps they are doing something wrong.
  • And, of course, a psychologist is needed for those who need changes and understand that rarely something happens just like that, by itself.
Since internal work is much more difficult than "external", physical work, it requires a special approach, attention, responsibility and interest.

But these positive changes and wonderful discoveries taking place in a person's life as a result of counseling a psychologist are worth making it a part of your lifestyle.

On the Internet, I saw an ad with a consultation cost of 100 hryvnia. Why is your price higher and what is the difference?
Our prices are average on the psychological services market in Ukraine. Each country has its own pricing traditions that have evolved over the years. For example, in Europe the cost of a consultation is on average 150–200 Euro, in the USA it is about 200 USD. In each case, the price depends on the experience and knowledge of the therapist. In our country, the market of psychological (psychotherapeutic) services is in the stage of active growth - based on this trend, as experience is gained, prices will also rise. The specialists of our center are not yesterday's students. Each of them at one time, having received a higher psychological education, for a long time improved their qualifications at various trainings and seminars, gained practical experience. Unfortunately, Recently, some psychologists often neglect professional ethics and go to great lengths to acquire practical skills without a sufficient educational base. A low-paid specialist means an appropriate level of "services". We are sure that by contacting us, you will receive psychological support and assistance of the highest quality in a convenient place at a convenient time.

Can you prescribe me a medicine?
Any medical assistance in Ukraine is provided by people with higher medical education - psychiatrists.

The psychologist does not have the right and ability to prescribe medications, including antidepressants and tranquilizers. In addition, we proceed from the practice that drugs are prescribed only when absolutely necessary, when the help of a psychotherapist is not enough.
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