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Each person is a unique and complex organism. And, as soon as one of its elements fails, the whole system begins to fail. This is what happens quite often in today's world full of stress and unpredictability. Family, work, personal space - it is difficult to keep all these aspects of our life in perfect harmony.

A specialist who sees the situation from the outside and in its entirety will be able to support you on the path of life. It is he who will provide you with the support you need, and at the right time for this.
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Where can you get psychological help in Kharkov and how to find a professional psychologist?
Psychological Center Easy Life has been providing psychological assistance in Kharkov since 2008. We employ professional psychologists with many years of experience. Our specialists constantly improve their qualifications in specialized educational projects and receive supervision from the best supervisors in Ukraine and other countries. To become a practical psychologist, it is not enough to get a higher education even at a leading university. It is necessary to acquire a number of additional knowledge and skills in order to become a practicing psychologist. And this takes time. Therefore, if you need a professional psychologist in Kharkov, please contact us . We will do our best to make your new life more comfortable and harmonious!

Suppose you feel that on your own you are not quite coping with the situation that has developed in your life. And there is no desire or opportunity to turn to someone close to you for support. Girlfriends and friends always calm down, but this does not help in any way in solving the problem. Or, perhaps you began to notice that the same problem manifests itself in different relationships, and you have been unable to get out of this circle. Then, most likely, the time has come to get advice from a psychologist - a person who works with such situations professionally, and has a successful long-term experience in solving them.

The question or issue you are concerned about may be about the following aspects of your life:

  • loneliness, fears and phobias;
  • anxiety, panic attacks, depression;
  • mood swings
  • psychological dependence (codependency), bad habits;
  • conflict relationships with loved ones, children, at work;
  • lack of self-confidence, difficulties in self-identification, problems with vocational guidance.
A psychologist's consultation covers all of the above topics, but in fact, an even wider range. Getting a psychologist's advice means taking the first step towards gaining inner peace of mind and harmonizing relations with the outside world.

Do I need the help of a psychologist?
Sometimes in life there are times when we do the usual things, but we are faced with unpleasant results for us.
We feel dissatisfaction, fatigue, resentment and misunderstanding on the part of loved ones.
The world is beginning to slowly crumble into pieces, and it is not so easy to restore balance. If something like this happens in your life, it may be a sign that you should seek help from a psychologist.
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Counseling in person and via skype

The focus of our activity is health ψυχή - Greek. "Psyche", the human soul. Psychological center Easy Life offers the most convenient and accessible format of interaction between a client and a psychologist.

In particular, our advantages are:

  • A wide range of specialists. Each psychologist is an expert in his own field. You can find a specialist you like right on the site.
  • Services covering the full range of aspects of psychotherapy. In our center, you can come with the whole family, you can consider different aspects of the client's life in their interaction.
  • Availability and flexibility. You can choose what is more convenient for you - a personal consultation with a psychologist in Kharkov, or remote work via Skype.
A person who has reason, feelings, experience tends to doubt and ask himself a lot of questions. "Am I doing the right thing?", "What can I do to make my life better?", "How to get back the joy and pleasure of life?" - here are just a few of them.

A correctly posed question is already halfway to the answer. We propose to walk this path with us: with understanding, with care, support and inspiration. Our mission is to make sure that each of our clients realizes the best possible scenario for their own lives
How long does it take to see a psychologist?
Psychological counseling is usually a short-term help that helps to solve certain situations and problems. During several meetings with a psychologist (usually from 2 to 5), you will receive answers to your questions and feel support in experiencing new experiences for yourself. The duration of admission varies from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the method in which the specialist works.

A more thorough work with the personality is carried out at the next level - individual psychotherapy . It works on a deeper level than psychological counseling. In this case, it is worth making an appointment with a psychotherapist (please, do not confuse with a psychiatrist !).
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